Issue Three


Welcome to the third issue of the on-line, peer-reviewed, open access journal Different Visions: New Perspectives on Medieval Art. This issue presents essays on a variety of topics and includes our first book review, a feature which will hopefully be a regular part of Different Visions from now on.


The Bayeux Tapestry: New Interpretations

by Marian Bleeke As the ample bibliography included in The Bayeux Tapestry: New Interpretations attests, the tapestry or embroidery has generated a flood of scholarship beginning in the nineteenth century and continuing throughout the twentieth.((I use the...


Fran Altvater, University of Hartford. Barren Mother, Dutiful Wife, Church Triumphant: Representations of Hannah in I Kings IlluminationsPDF  Web

Jennifer Borland, Oklahoma State University. Audience and Spatial Experience in the Nuns’ Church at ClonmacnoisePDF  Web

Sherry C. M. Lindquist, Knox College. Visual Meaning and Audience at the Chartreuse de Champmol: A Reply to Susie Nash’s Reconsideration of Claus Sluter’s Well of MosesPDF  Web

Marian Bleeke, Cleveland State University. Book Review, The Bayeux Tapestry: New InterpretationsPDF  Web