Please submit your work as a Word document or share a link to a document (Google doc or Microsoft online) with Authors will be notified that their work has been received.


In most cases, submissions will first be reviewed by the editors and then sent to external reviewers. Because the first stage of external review will normally be blind, we request that authors remove all instances in the text where they are identified, including in the notes. Following the first review, author and reviewer(s) will be introduced and encouraged to communicate and collaborate during the remaining review process. 


For the initial submission, authors should include embedded images within the document or as an additional pdf. Please include a list of illustrations with complete identifying information. Detailed image specifications will be provided to authors whose work has been accepted for publication.

Image Permissions for Accepted Articles

In cases where authors do not hold copyright, they should obtain permissions, pay any associated fees, and provide documentation of permissions to the editors. Authors should contact the editors for assistance if fees and permissions prove difficult. Links between images and copyright holders’ web sites (i.e. a link to the Morgan Library) can be accommodated if required.

While we have made every attempt to document the image source and acknowledge possible copyright holders, our use of these images for non-profit, educational purposes likely falls under the Fair Use exceptions of the Copyright Act of 1976. Furthermore, the majority of the works represented in the articles are clearly within the public domain. If we are alerted to any potential infringement, we will promptly remove the image in question.

Open Access and Copyright

Open access means that all issues of Different Visions are freely available on the public internet as full-text articles, which can be downloaded, searched, and crawled for indexing without charge. Authors retain copyright, and should be properly acknowledged and cited, but Different Visions retains perpetual rights to publish and re-purpose articles under its auspices.