Issue Six: Are We Post-Theoretical? (2020)

We are excited to present this new issue of Different Visions featuring four essays that engage with the relevance of theory to medieval art history – and to art history in general – today. The essays were inspired by Gerald Guest’s session at the 2019 International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo entitled “Medieval Art History: Are We Post-Theoretical?” The issue also includes a conversation between the four authors.



Jennifer Borland, Oklahoma State University and Nancy Thompson, St. Olaf College. Introduction: Relaunching Different Visions.

Gerald B. Guest, John Carroll University. Embodiment and Devotion in the Très Riches Heures (or, the Possibilities of a Post-Theoretical Art History). 

Zachary Stewart, Texas A&M University. Other Spaces: Medieval Architectural History Between Theory and Practice.

Marian Bleeke, Cleveland State University. Ivory and Whiteness.

Jessamine Batario, Colby College. History, Theory, and the Risks of Being Wrong.

Are We Post-Theoretical? A Conversation between Gerry Guest, Zachary Stewart, Marian Bleeke, and Jessamine Batario.