Introductions to the Middle Ages Through Medievalism: Special Issue CFP

Through personal essays, interviews, and conversations, contributors to this issue reflect on their early introductions to the Middle Ages and medievalism–and particularly on the ways that medievalisms shaped their early understandings of the Middle Ages. Some medievalists are introduced to the period as a child through a combination of fairytale, fantasy, and history in the form of stories, films, games, theme parks, and more. Others may come to the field of study by experiencing art and architecture–historical and historicizing–in museums, travel, or the classroom. We welcome reflections that celebrate such journeys, as well as those that may not have been positive experiences. We also encourage contributions that address how we as medievalists acknowledge and grapple with the ways that racist, sexist, and homo/transphobic perceptions of the medieval period shape current understandings of the Medieval and medievalism. Authors may also reflect on how such medievalisms may provide paths to expanding access to, or the scholarly study of, the global Middle Ages. 

Medievalists and families at Medieval Times


We invite proposals for short, personal reflections as well as contributions in other formats; embrace your creativity and adventurousness! Possibilities include:

  • Shorter, reflective essays (2000-4000 words)
  • Co-authored pieces
  • An interview or conversation among a group of contributors (possibly around a shared touchstone)
  • Video confessionals (akin to those in mockumentaries)
  • Videos of medievalisms in practice (weaving, lute playing, stained-glass making, astrolabe use, gaming, etc.)
  • An original work of art in any format
  • Or another idea!

Please submit a proposal of no more than 250 words to by February 15, 2024. First drafts of accepted contributions will be due around June 15, 2024.

For questions please reach out to

You may also reach out to the special issue editors:

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