medieval imageDifferent Visions: A Journal of New Perspectives on Medieval Art is a web-based open-access journal devoted to progressive scholarship on medieval art.

As originally created by Rachel Dressler, Different Visions featured articles employing postmodern and poststructuralist theoretical frameworks to examine medieval visual culture. Now a project of The Material Collective, the journal continues to be open to theoretically-informed work on medieval art and also welcomes projects at the intersection of medieval art history and the digital humanities as well as socially-engaged projects that examine the role of medieval visual culture in our contemporary world. All work published in Different Visions is first reviewed in a manner appropriate to the specific project: forms of review may include editorial review, peer-review, and/or crowd review.

Editorial Board

Marian Bleeke: Cleveland State University
Jennifer Borland: Oklahoma State University
Rachel Dressler: University at Albany, State University of New York
Martha Easton: Independent Scholar
Anne F. Harris; DePauw University
Asa Simon Mittman: California State University, Chico
Karen Overbey: Tufts University
Ben C. Tilghman: Washington College
Nancy M. Thompson: St. Olaf College
Maggie M. Williams: William Paterson University

Publication Information

Different Visions: A Journal of New Perspectives on Medieval Art, ISSN 1935-5009, is published online and freely available to all.

Image Publication Information

Different Visions is an open access, scholarly publication available at no charge. Authors are responsible for obtaining permissions for any copyrighted material used in their articles. While we have made every attempt to document the image source and acknowledge possible copyright holders, our use of these images for non-profit, educational purposes likely falls under the Fair Use exceptions of the Copyright Act of 1976. Furthermore, the majority of the works represented in the articles are clearly within the public domain. If we are alerted to any potential infringement, we will promptly remove the image in question.